Geoff Rhodes, Director of Fun, R&D Events – March 2, 2016

The other day, my wife asked me why I like running so much. “Because it’s fun!” I said. After a long pause, she looked up and responded, “I’ve never had any fun while I was running.” This made me think: Why don’t more people enjoy running? Is it the aerobic challenge? The repetitive motion? Or is it some sort of deep-seeded emotion that dates back to one’s formidable years when gym teachers made us run laps and sweat profusely before our middle school crushes? Whatever the case may be, perhaps it’s time to shed your hesitation and start thinking of running as an escape and an outlet for fun. To help jumpstart your new love of running, try these tips.

Purchase the Right Equipment
Running may be the easiest sport to jump into with respect to equipment. All you need are a pair of running shoes and some active wear. My recommendation is to be very particular about your shoes. Make sure they fit, provide support and match your style. When you look good, you feel good, and if you like your shoes, you’re going to wear them more often (hopefully for running).

Unplug from Reality
My top recommendation for everybody is to run without your phone. Too many times people go for a run and stop to send a text or update Facebook only to forget why they went for a run in the first place. When you go for a run, take a break and unplug from technology. You will be surprised how liberating this feels.

Enjoy the Outdoors
Treadmills are a great way to run at a consistent pace and monitor your progress, but you miss out on the best part of running: being outdoors. Fresh air can be the perfect cure to a stressful day, and if the sun is out, taking in some Vitamin D can melt away your worries. Next time, skip the gym and opt for your neighborhood trail instead.

Make it an Adventure
One of my favorite things about running is the absolute freedom it gives me to explore my local surroundings in a different context. I always seek out “urban adventures” that surround my suburban lifestyle. Taking the crosswalk at a busy intersection, running in the rain or snow, or going for a run in a neighborhood you’ve never been to before each offer a completely different perspective on life, and one that affords you a little bit of adventure to an otherwise vanilla day.

Above all else, make running fun for you! Find what you like about running and use that as a starting point for getting yourself outside and active. Once you find that joy, you will be hooked for life!

Geoff Rhodes is the Director of Fun at R&D Events and is a functioning running addict. He is also the race director for this year’s 4K 4Charity event in Las Vegas. Learn more about him and his team at